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UX 400 and UX 401

Secure and seamless NFC and contactless payments

Mobile and contactless payments are growing fast. You need the right technology to seize these new revenue opportunities - even when you’re not around to manage the transaction.

Designed for maximum transaction speed and customer ease-of-use, the UX 400 / UX 401 is ready to accept contactless and NFC payments, including Apple Pay. Both terminals offer the same functionality; we’ll recommend which device to invest in based on the PED you are using with it.

Ideal for high-transaction-volume environments like ticketing machines and petroleum pumps, this solution is tamper-resistant and vandal proof, and features a weather-resistant enclosure.

What are the key benefits of the UX 400 / UX 401?

Elevate the experience

Long gone are the days where card and cash were the only ways to pay; now consumers want flexibility when it comes to making transactions. From mobile wallets to the tap of a card, the UX400 / UX 401 satisfies the growing contactless trend – making payments even quicker in the already-speedy self-service environment.

Easy to manage

Offering self-service technology is essential in pleasing today’s consumer, yet many businesses are yet to implement the service. When used in conjunction with the UX300 / UX 301, the UX 400 / UX 401 is completely maintenance-free, meaning your business can quickly get up and running with the technology, leaving you more time with your customers.

Peace of mind

A data breach is extremely hard to bounce back from, and even one incident is enough to significantly dent customer loyalty. This concern can be reduced significantly with the UX 400 / UX 401; it comes with the latest PCI 3.1 security standard certification to guarantee data protection.